What Are The Best Online Guitar Lessons For Fast Learning?

Introduction After reading this guide, you’ll know exactly which online guitar course is best for you, such that you’ll hopefully be able to get started and sign-up with one in the next hour. How will you be able to sort through the fog & make that decision? Well, this guide walks you, step-by-step, through each […]

The Best Guitar Pickups For Improving Your Sound

There are three things that make up your guitar sound: the guitar. the amp. and the pickup. Now, I have already gone into excruciating detail on Acoustic Pickups, in a separate article. This article is dedicated to the best electric guitar pickups. New pickups can be better than buying new instruments. If you want a different sound, […]

The Best Way To Learn Guitar Quickly

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Best Way to Learn Guitar Quickly The Definitive Guide This is the complete guide to learning guitar quickly in 2021. If you’re looking for: Step-by-step methods, Motivational tactics, and An easy-to-read guide, …You’ll love the ideas in this new guide. Let’s get started. Overview Looking for the best and fastest way to learn guitar? Well […]

Epiphone Wildkat Review | Cool As Hell

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Is this Snarly, Tone-Dripping P90 Guitar the One for You? If your first thought when you think “Epiphone” is that they’re a Gibson-equivalent, cheaper brand, then know that the Wildkat is indeed different. You can think of Epiphones as being split between two categories: Gibson-equivalent budget guitars, and Epiphone-exclusive guitars (oftentimes in tribute to its […]

The Bugera V5 Review: 5Watt, 1×8″ Valve Combo Amplifier

It’s no secret that tube amplifiers are coming back in a big way. The Bugera Infinium line of all tube amps should be near the top of your list. Just like it was the case many decades ago, you have two broad categories of tube amplifiers – full-size stacks and mini combos. The former kept […]

The Best Guitar Learning Software For 2021?

You love video games You love guitar. What if you could combine the two into a Guitar Learning Software? Wouldn’t that be the fastest way to learn guitar? Software To Learn Guitar Faster Our brains love solving small puzzles and winning. We mastervideo games in minutes.  Four-year-olds can run friggin iPhones. Learning becomes intuitive. Furthermore, software track […]