Bugera V22 Infinium Review: Two-Channel All-Tube 22-Watt Amplifier

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Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. Ever since Behringer founded Bugera amps, guitarists have been cautiously optimistic. For once, we had a player on the market who promised to deliver affordable tube amps. In a world where ‘affordable’ and ‘tube amps’ don’t go together […]

[2021 Review] Marshall MG30CFX Reviewed

The thing we love about Marshall is that their guitar amps sound more or less the same across the board If there is a difference, it’s not drastic nor something that is obvious. You will most likely see a different shade of the same thing, a subtle variance. This interesting character spans over to their […]

Epiphone Wildkat Review | Cool As Hell

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Is this Snarly, Tone-Dripping P90 Guitar the One for You? If your first thought when you think “Epiphone” is that they’re a Gibson-equivalent, cheaper brand, then know that the Wildkat is indeed different. You can think of Epiphones as being split between two categories: Gibson-equivalent budget guitars, and Epiphone-exclusive guitars (oftentimes in tribute to its […]

The Bugera V5 Review: 5Watt, 1×8″ Valve Combo Amplifier

It’s no secret that tube amplifiers are coming back in a big way. The Bugera Infinium line of all tube amps should be near the top of your list. Just like it was the case many decades ago, you have two broad categories of tube amplifiers – full-size stacks and mini combos. The former kept […]