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This module will be all about picking a nice tube amplifier to accompany your new guitar from the first module.

Although buying an amplifier can feel a bit more precarious, since with guitars the decision making process tends to be a bit more intuitive, rest assured that it’s simple to find the amplifier that fits your needs.

Whether your goal is to play electric blues, metal, or grunge, the selections you’ll find in this module should cover most of those bases. Do bare in mind that, for most classic groups (whether it’s the Beatles, Hendrix, Neil Young, or Nirvana), they tended to really only use a small handful of different amplifiers, often varying from Fenders to Marshalls, to Vox amps. Though, bear in mind you won’t find many Marshall suggestions here, since arguably Fenders and other brands may be superior choices.

Enjoy finding the right amplifier for you in this module! Once you’re done, you’ll be one step closer to ripping chords at high voltage.



Lessons (6)

Top Guitar Amps for Home Use

⏱ 1 Day

Good Amps for Clean & Distorted Sounds

⏱ 1 Day

Good Amps for Funk

⏱ 1 Day

Portable Amplifiers

⏱ 1 Day

Amps Specifically for Fender Strats

⏱ 1 Day

Guitar Amps for Country

⏱ 1 Day