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I’m excited for you to feel what it feels like to plug a Fender Strat into a Deluxe Reverb amp and crank it to nearly illegal levels.

With electric guitars, there’s more startup gear you need than with acoustics, but you can still keep your setup simple and affordable. You’ll hear that you allegedly “need” this or that effects pedal, or this or that pre-amp, but at the end of the day you just need: an electric guitar, an amp (ideally with a bit of distortion), and a cable to connect the two — that’s really it! For example, two of the best players ever, Derek Trucks and Jeff Beck, are often known to just play direct with no bells and whistles. As the greats have said, “tone is in your hands.”

All in all, in this module, I try and explain to you exactly what you need to get started with playing electric guitar, in terms of gear, so that you can move on as quickly as possible and start learning. That’s the main goal with this module — try and get these “check the boxes” things done so you can start learning notes and chords faster.

See you on the inside! We’ll go through economical setups for you to get started with, and (as someone who hopefully has experience to share about buying electric guitar gear) I’ll try and offer buying tips so you can feel great about your setup.



Lessons (4)

What Electric Guitar Should I Buy?

⏱ 1 Day

Guitars for Metal

⏱ 1 Day

Guitars for Large Hands

⏱ 1 Day

Guitars for Small Hands

⏱ 1 Day