Last Updated: March 28th, 2021

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(This is me.. the site owner for Trusty Guitar and a couple other guitar sites)


To speak for real, the guiding purpose of Trusty Guitar is to collect all the information out there (on the internet and from past teachers we’ve had) and distill it all into a beautifully concise method of learning the guitar with the greatest of ease.

Sounds wishful right? Well, we’re workin’ on it, and it may be a few years coming. For now, we’ve got two aspects of the site to start fulfilling that guiding goal; first, you’ll find the seedling of our Complete Beginner’s Guide to Playing the Guitar course, meant to clear a perfect path so you can gracefully stride from being an absolute beginner to an intermediate; second, we’ve got a plethora of guides in the works for how to build your ideal setup (of guitars, amps, accessories, and so on), so you can easily source the gear you need to fast-track your journey.

Know that it’ll take a while to really build up to that ideal, but that’s part of the way we’ll do things on this site; steady but meaningful additions to the site over a long period of dedicated time. It’s the same as learning the guitar; you won’t progress in a 12 hr. practice session alone — instead it’ll take 12 years (and beyond) of consistent 12 minute chunks of focused time. Through it all, we promise to be forthright and expel any and all bullshit. Please hold us to it! If this content isn’t top-tier, let us know; we’ll fix it, whether it’s to do with our course or the guides.

Truly, it’s an honour that you’re visiting our site, and we hope you’ll continue to visit in the future, at which points you’ll probably notice some nice enhancements intended to make this site second-to-none in learning the fundamentals of guitar!

As of 2021: Be a beta-tester for Trusty Guitar's very own beginner guitar course!

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